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Motor and Oral-Motor Milestones for Feeding (The First Year)

If you have concerns about your child's feeding development take a look at a list of feeding milestones below!

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2 1/2 -3 1/2  months of age

  • Steady head and neck control

  • Responds to stimulation in and around the mouth

  • Effective breastmilk or formula consumption with the use of nipple (bottle of breast)

  • Good coordination of sucking, swallowing and breathing during feeds

  • Approximately 2-3 sucks of liquid before swallowing and breathing

4-6 months

  • Beginning hand to mouth play (mouthing objects)

  • Begins reaching for objects

  • Opens mouth when approached by spoon

  • Uses tongue to move purees to the back on the mouth

  • Eats from a small infant or toddler spoon

  • Brings both hands up to clasp bottle but may need some assistance

6-7 months

  • Sitting independently for greater than 3-5 seconds

  • Stable head control while sitting (no head bobbing)

  • Transfers toys and food from one hand to the other

  • Move their tongue up and down, and to the side when chewing food

  • Mouth and munch on the spoon, toys, and baby biscuits


7-9 Months

  • Mixed tongue movements (in/out, up/down)

  • Gag reflex is on the back third of the tongue

  • Teething begins between 5-9 months

  • Open cup drinking (jaw may still be unstable)

  • Begins standing on all fours (around 8 months)

8-10 months

  • Trunk rotation and weight shifting

  • Puts finger in mouth to move food and keep it in

  • Uses their fingers to rake the food towards themselves

  • Chewing softer foods

  • Starting to begin sitting up from lying on the side by pushing up with their hands

10-12 months

  • Independent sitting in a variety of positions

  • Developing pincer grasp

  • Clearing food off the lip emerges

  • Can transfer food from one side of the mouth to the other with tongue

  • Walks holding onto hands or furniture

  • Points at objects

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