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Feeding Resources

Here's of few of our favorite products and books to help with your child's feeding development!


Balancing Breast and Bottle

This is a great read for breastfeeding moms who know they will need to introduce the bottle to their baby at some point. Your breastfeeding relationship doesn't have to be all or nothing. This is a resource with tips and information for using both bottle and breast to feed your baby.

Baby Self Feeding by Melanie Potock

This is a great resource for parents and I often give it as a baby shower gift. This has everything for feeding your baby in the first year of life. Everything from how to cut up food for baby at different ages to when to introduce peanut butter safely to baby.

EZPZ Tiny Cup

This is a great option for you little when transitioning to open cup drinking! Its soft silicon so it won't hurt baby's teeth and is weighted on the bottom to help with fine motor control.

OBall Baby Toy

This grabbing toy is perfect for getting that tongue moving in and around each of the spaces in the toy while being gentle on baby's mouth


Fluxy Oral Motor Tool

We LOVE this tool for oral motor and sensory play. It has a variety of textures to provide a variety of sensory input as well as stimulating the tongue to help with moving baby's gag reflex back on the tongue.

Beckman Tri-Chew

Another great tool for increasing sensory awareness in the mouth as well as increasing jaw strength!

Honey Bear Cup

We LOVE this cup as a transition cup for teaching straw skills. You can push the bear's belly to help put liquid in the straw and encourage your little one to learn to suck from the straw on their own!

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